Not Sure Whether to Upgrade to a High-efficiency Gas Furnace? Here Are Convincing Reasons Why You Should

Young couple in jacket and covered with blanket sitting on floor beside radiator and trying to warm up

Furnaces play a vital role during cold weather. These appliances come in varying types. They are, however, often classified into either high-efficiency or low-efficiency furnaces. High-efficiency gas furnaces are becoming increasingly popular. You should consider replacing your low-efficiency furnace with a high-efficiency one. Why? This article will explain why.

These furnaces have electronic ignition features. These features help to reduce energy wastage. The buying price of high-efficiency gas furnaces is relatively higher compared to other types of furnaces. However, buying these furnaces is cheaper in the long-run because you will save an estimated 30% of the money, which you’d have spent to cater to your utility bills.

Low-efficiency furnaces are subject to interior moisture and chemical buildup. For this reason, they don’t offer long-term service. High-efficiency furnaces aren’t vulnerable to the accumulation of moisture and chemicals. This is because they have automated systems, which hinder unwanted buildup, particularly around the heat exchanger. The accumulation of moisture and chemicals causes severe damage, which is irreparable in some cases. Given that high-efficiency gases are immune to chemical and moisture buildup, it is apparent that they aren’t subject to damage. Hence, they last longer.

Don’t you hate it when your furnace produces excess noise that distracts you from concentrating on important activities? High-efficiency furnaces come with in-build sound-absorbers. You will, therefore, not have to deal with any unbearable noise. This way, you can be warm and cozy, without having to tolerate excruciating distractions.

A high-efficiency gas furnace incorporates the latest advancements. In this case, they are superior in terms of performance. For instance, they have advanced valves, which facilitate the proper distribution of heat. These systems will war up every corner of your home. Thus, creating a conducive living environment for you and your loved ones.

The number of furnace-related accidents has increased considerably. These accidents are, in most cases, associated with low-efficient furnaces. This is because air is not regulated properly. Thus, making the combustion process unsafe. A high-efficient furnace is designed in a way that it allows proper air regulation. For this reason, the combustion process is made safer. Your chances of experiencing serious accidents ranging from fires to explosions will be significantly low if you get a high-efficient furnace.

The government offers lucrative rebates in an effort to encourage many homeowners to switch from the use of low-efficiency to high-efficiency furnaces. In this case, you stand to get a rebate of an estimated $125, if you ditch your low-efficiency furnace. So, why not take advantage of this? Read more about furnace at

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